‘Too tight’

Dress code posted to Saudi Arabia Airlines website sparks immediate backlash


Users on social media have responded with outrage after discovering a “dress code” on Saudi Arabia Airlines’ website that said “women exposing legs or arms or wearing too thin or too tight clothes and men wearing shorts exposing legs” could be kicked off the plane. The dress code regulations have since been removed from the website in wake of the massive social media backlash.

In comments made to Saudi newspaper Makkah, former Saudi head of tourism Ali Al Ghamdi claimed that the dress code had been mandated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) — a claim that IATA denied unequivocally in an email to MailOnline Travel, before adding that “dress code policy is entirely at the discretion of the airline.”

Saudi Arabia Airlines isn’t the only airline to have faced dress code controversy. In March, United Airlines prevented two teenage girls from boarding a flight and forced a child to change her clothes because their leggings were deemed inappropriate by the gate agent. And after Air France resumed service to Tehran in April, flight attendants were outraged when they were told that they would have to don headscarves after they got off the plane.

In the vast majority of cases, airlines don’t impose dress codes but note that they can refuse boarding to people who are not “properly clothed.” The updated Saudi Arabia Airlines website entry now only includes a brief recommendation that passengers wear “loose-fitting clothes” because “tight-fitting clothes may naturally cause some discomfort.”

Read the full story at The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.


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