Ivanka Trump to lead U.S. delegation for summit in India

Ivanka Trump. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that his daughter, who’s also a top White House adviser, will be leading a delegation to India in November for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The move was announced on Twitter by the president and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi, during his visit to the White House in June, had invited Ivanka Trump to visit his country. He said he was looking forward to hosting her in his post on Twitter

The first daughter has been keeping a lower profile in recent weeks. Controversy erupted in early July when the president called on his daughter to sit in for him briefly during a G20 Summit meeting. One MSNBC contributor even criticized Ivanka Trump’s choice of wardrobe for the occasion — a pink dress with large bows on the sleeves — as being too “girly” and “ornamental” an ensemble for a meeting of that magnitude. And back in April, at a women’s conference in April, one of Ivanka Trump’s answers about her father elicited a harsh response from the audience while she was seated between Angela Merkel and IMF managing director Christine Lagarde. Even her very role as an unpaid adviser to the president has drawn criticism from ethics experts.

In the past the Global Entrepreneurship Summit has been hosted by the State Department. The president said his daughter would use the occasion to promote women’s entrepreneurship.

Read the full story at The Hill.


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